Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Early Rising

Blood Moon
OK, I'll admit it. I have been incredibly busy/unambitious/lazy (take your choice of adjectives) when it comes to blogging lately. It can't be the weather - that's been pretty good. It can't be age, can it (shudder)? Could it be exhaustion from over commitment? Yeah, that's a possibility.  Anyway, the lunar eclipse was visible for a while early this morning in Kentucky, so we set the alarm and went to the nearby middle school to watch it. I'm always astounded to see kids on school buses at 6 a.m. Glad I didn't have to ride the bus that early.
Morning Mist
When the sun rose and the moon set, we got a healthy breakfast at a local (non-chain) restaurant, and headed out to do a little birding.
Dewy Spiderweb
I must admit, that it's easier to go on the dawn bird hunt when the sun rises at 7:30, than in summer when it's so much earlier. The morning dew makes everything sparkle.
Brown Thrasher
A Barred Owl hooted along the trail before heading to his roost for a little shut eye. The early birds today weren't after worms, but they chowed down on the Virginia Creeper berries, flitting about and making tough targets to photograph.
Song Sparrow
I know many of the seeds and berries are on invasive plants, but the birds don't seem to care.
Even the grasshoppers took advantage of the warm sunshine. I suppose their eggs will over-winter, won't they?
The does spend so much time watching the walkers on the trail, I'm amazed they get enough to eat themselves.
I love reflections in a lake. It always makes me wish I lived by a lake. Unfortunately, this is a high rent district, and even if we decided to move for the scenery, I don't think I want to go through 36 years of accumulated junk!