Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bern Swallows

Several pairs of Barn Swallows nest under the porch roof of the Garden Pavilion at Bernheim Forest. Maybe we should call them "Bern Swallows" instead. Don't you just love these little faces peering over the nest edge? They still have little fuzzies on their heads. Awww... Proud Papa protects his family, and we got dive-bombed until we made a tactful and hasty retreat.

Well, Ma, I chased them away. Don't know why these durn people never learn!

Here's our neighbor, still sitting on her eggs.

Crows just like to chase hawks for the fun of it.

The Goose family enjoy Sunday morning brunch at Bernheim Forest. My, my, don't the children grow up quickly!

Papa Brown Thrasher watches to make sure we don't get to close to his mate and nest in the bushes.

A Bernheim Ent has issues with a No Trespassing sign. Not sure if he's for it or agin' it!

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NCmountainwoman said...

Great photographs. I just love the swallow fledglings and their little clown mouths.