Saturday, June 28, 2008

Summer at the Falls

Summer at the Falls of the Ohio. Giant puffy clouds fill the horizon when storms threaten.
Both Black and Turkey Vultures congregate on the fossil beds, cleaning up the carp bodies. The carp leaped around like salmon last week, but cannot swim past the dam, so the Vultures feast at this time of year. They soar at eye level along the deck.

An unfamiliar fungus grows on a tree. I call it red velvet tree fungus, because that's what it looked and felt like.

Kayakers test their skill and muscles against the river. Idiots on Ski-Doos look for sudden death. The water pours out from the dam. One big wave would be enough to tip over a Ski-Doo trying to power upstream. Kaykers respect the river and know it is a personal contest when they enter the water. People with power toys think they can overcome the power of the river. They will find they are wrong.

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