Sunday, November 09, 2008

'Bama Bugs and Butterflies

The Alabama Gulf Coast abounds in bugs and butterflies, particularly with large dragonflies. I've been able to identify the butterflies, which posed cooperatively for the camera. The dragonflies, however, are perpetual motion insects, rarely lading anywhere long enough to focus the camera. Any names you see on them may well just be a descriptive name so I can tell one shot from another. If anyone knows the names of these dragonflies, I'd sure be glad to learn. The large yellow dragonflies never did land, that I could see. Once we saw a large yellow helicopter flying over, and I quickly told Dick to look up at the giant yellow dragonfly going over!
Painted Lady

Gulf Fritillary - topside

Gulf Fritillary - bottom side

Common Buckeye

Why do butterflies go to the beach?

Long-tailed Skipper

Mystery bug - looks vicious

A 2 inch long spider

I'm glad dragonflies aren't 3 feet big as there were in prehistoric times.

Big fat dragonflies are a favorite Kestrel food.

Don't want to find this beetle in my shoes!

Red Saddlebag Dragonfly


Kathiesbirds said...

You can keep the spider but the dragonflies and butterflies are wonderful!

Butterflies said...

nice pic indeed.

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna say your mystery bug is an asassin bug...but which one??? They pack a mighty wallop.
The dragons are blue dasher,green darner and I'm thinkin' say female roseate skimmer. Nice photos.

KatDoc said...

Tag! You have been hit with the Six Random Things meme. See my post if you want to play along.