Saturday, March 21, 2009

House Hunting

Well, dear, what do you think of this place? Shall I tell the realtor we'll take it? Aren't you tired of looking?

The view isn't much, but I like the way it's decorated. Just right for Towhees.

Nope, just not enough landscaping. Meadowlarks like taller grass. Looks like someone mowed this place, so let's keep looking.

The neighbors seem nice, but I bet the water dries up later in the year.

As an overnight stop, it's OK, but we Blue Winged Teals would never raise a family this far south. Pack up the bags, and let's fly on.

Honey, I just can't wait till we find a more secluded spot than this!

This modern architecture just isn't for me....

I didn't see a sign that said "Bluebirds Only."

No matter where you live, spring is lovely, isn't it?


behindthebins said...

House hunting is the same the world around! At least they don't have to pay a mortgage! ;)

KatDoc said...

I have been remiss in commenting, but I have been reading. Love the "house-hunting" theme, but you'd better be careful. Photos of killdeer nookie might get you an NC-17 rating!

Can't wait to meet you in WVa!