Thursday, July 02, 2009

Good Zoo Morning

The Louisville Zoo and Norton's Hospital have a joint program to improve your health by a walking club. The Zoo opens at 8:00 am for walkers, before the rest of the crowd arrives. This morning was delightfully cool, so we drove to the zoo to be there when they opened for walking.

You get a different perspective without a lot of other people around. Since our last zoo visit a year ago, they have started several construction projects to improve the ingress and egress on Newburg Road, and to create Glacier Run for the polar bears, who are currently on vacation at another zoo during the construction period. As the animals came out for the morning, they were quite talkative.
Secretary Bird, me? No Way!
I'm a Grey Crowned Crane and I do not take dictation!

Do you think it's time I started using Oil of Olay for these wrinkles?

Just look at me...aren't I the most beautiful bird you've ever seen? Beautiful face...

beautiful tail feathers.....

...and, well, I always try to show just my good side to the camera.

ROAR! ROAR! No matter how much I try,
those giraffes next door just won't cower in fear.

She gets like that sometimes. I try to stay out of it.

Did your mother tell you to chew with your mouth closed?

Well, this is why!


denmaryb said...

i saw Lou lou the Rhino and the camels too. Was it the girls (Shelia and Oliva) or do we still have the boy camels as well?

No elephant Photos... Mom.. where's mikki.

Wren said...

Great idea for a morning walk, much better than traipsing around a mall.

You've captured essence of camel in these photos - love the facial expressions!

NCmountainwoman said...

What a great idea! I loved the photographs, especially the camel.