Sunday, September 27, 2009

Happy Anniversary

Hello. My name is Bailey, and my people (Mary Beth and Brian) are off celebrating their one year wedding anniversary this weekend. That's why I'm here with my feline cousins, Binx and Pippin. I'm pretty happy with the arrangement, as you can see from my smile. Binx and I get along pretty well. Most of the time we just ignore each other and enjoy being on the porch. Sometimes he wants to start a fuss by jabbing at my tail, even though I'm not doing anything to him. Kathy has to speak sternly to him then. I just grin.
Kathy and Dick take good care of me. Dick keeps trying to make me into an outdoor dog, who goes for long walks in the park. Sorry, but I'm a city girl. I go outside, attend to business, and am ready to go back in. How easy can his life get? Once in a while I hear strange noises at night and bark to scare them off. Those people don't realize how close they live to danger when I'm not around. The cats only protect the house from bad cats in the neighborhood, and would not yowl at anything else even if they were invited. I guess it's just a dog thing. Mary Beth and Brian should be back tomorrow and I'll get to go back to my own house that we just moved to this summer. It will be nice to be home again (no offense intended). But it is kind of fun to go online....


Brian (son-N-Law) said...

Yea My Four leg daughter made her grandmas blog page :) .... ITS ABOUT TIME!!!! :)

Mary Beth said...

Glad you are being good and protecting the house and back yard from squirrels.

we will see you soon. Try a walk around the block, it's good for you.