Monday, November 09, 2009

Falling Around

Although I haven't posted much to the blog lately, I have still been pretty busy. I realized this when I downloaded over 150 photos from my camera today, taken at four different locations and times! The fall has been beautiful this year! Yes, I say that every year, but it's always true! Now that November has arrived, most of the fall colors have dropped to the ground, but we can still enjoy them in photographs. David Sibley, of Sibley's Guide to Birds fame, was in town recently for a book signing. He's branching out and his latest endeavor is Sibley's Guide to Trees. The next day he came to Bernheim Forest for a tree walk. I have to admire anyone who spends so many years in one field, and has the courage to take on something entirely different, then go and talk to people about it in an unfamiliar area of the country. He discussed different things to watch for in the bark and buds of trees this time of year to help make an identification. Of course, when the Cooper's Hawks and Turkey Vultures flew over, it was natural to call our attention to the birds as well.
Cooper's Hawk at Bernheim Forest
The winter birds are arriving. Cedar Waxwings are still around, and I've seen several Juncos in my backyard, and heard a White Throated Sparrow. At Putney Pond, a pair of Hooded Mergansers paddled around at sunset.
The remaining scarlet leaves are breathtaking, but I've been attracted to the various seed heads left on the grasses and plants now that the flowers are gone. They are so delicate looking! Much of my time has been spent working on computer projects for my volunteer organizations. They both decided to join Facebook, after seeing recommendations for non-profits to use that as a free marketing tool along with their regular websites. I've always resisted getting into Facebook, but had to start an account to create a page for the non-profit. I got the page created, but have become completely frustrated when trying to get a username assigned to the page. It attached itself to my profile, not the nature preserve! Then I found that you can't get rid of a personal username at all. I checked with someone else who does this sort of thing, and the pages we saw for my login don't look anything like the ones she sees as administrator for her organization. Grrr! Has anyone else had any luck with Facebook? I'm about to recommend that we just use mass emails and forget Facebook altogether.

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Kathiesbirds said...

Love the birds and the autumn leaves and colors. I have a Facebook account but don't use it much, so I'm no help there. I hope it all works out for you.