Monday, May 23, 2011

Carolina Wrens in Kentucky

Carolina Wrens are the loudest little bird in our backyard.  They sing back and forth to each other at all hours of the day.  When they chatter and scold, you know you are in trouble! I have been noticing much more activity than usual, and here is the reason... they are starting to nest in the hollow gourd hanging outside the back door!
Wrens have nested several times before in our garage.  Once in an upturned bicycle helmet belonging to one of the kids (you can't ask for a more perfect nesting site), and once in a fruit basket hanging on the wall.  As long as we leave the window open a crack they can get in without any trouble.  The one time we actually closed that window, the loud calls alerted us to the problem.
The book says Carolina Wrens eat insects, and I hope they do, because we get plenty of bugs in the yard.  But I notice them chowing down on the suet and peanut feeders more often.  In fact, when I refilled the peanut feeder yesterday, the Wrens and Nuthatches were quite excited!
Some House Wrens built in the gourd the first year it was up, but I'm glad to see my favorite little birds moving in now. And, no, we don't have any snow.  I just pulled this one out of my collection.

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