Monday, July 11, 2011

Lions and Tigers and Bears...and SNAKES!

The Cincinnati Zoo is known for its collection of cats of all sizes.  They call this one a "white" lion, (although it looks a pale beige to me) but look at its blue eyes! I just finished re-reading the Clan of the Cave Bear series about life in the ice age, and this could certainly be a cave lion, if it were about twice as big that is. The pale color would blend in well with dried grasses on the steppe.
Their tiger was also white, the Siberian Tiger.  Zoos always post a sign with information about the normal habitat of each animal, and it's disturbing to see the limited range and numbers for many of these animals in the wild.

We were a bit surprised to see three polar bears in the same enclosure. I didn't know they would get along with each other so well. Two sat and tried to stay cool in the July Fourth heat, while the third (which looked like a male) paced around the entire time we were there. None of them swam in the large pool, which would seem to be the sensible thing to do in hot weather.

As we entered the Reptile House, I recognized the building from childhood visits to the zoo. I was so busy trying to take photos through the glass that I didn't pay much attention to the names of the subjects in my viewfinder though. But sometimes the names aren't as important as the look on the face.  I definitely want this one to stay behind glass!

Somehow I don't feel as sorry for the reptiles in captivity as I do for the mammals. They don't pace or look as bored as the mammals, so I don't relate to them as much. Did you notice?  Lizards have eyelids and snakes don't. Maybe that constant stare of a snake (since he can't blink) is what makes us all a bit uncomfortable with them. 


Mary Howell Cromer said...

Fun entry, love it all. I finally found out where the Great Horned Owl's nest was... still is. Just a short distance from here and the family that showed me were at the Raptor weekend that I missed. They got to view a Red-tailed Hawk get released and in fact you were in one, maybe two of the images they showed me on their camera this Have a great week~

Kathiesbirds said...

Nice close-up of those green scales! glad you had so much fun.