Saturday, October 15, 2011

Raptors at ColorFest

Hagatha the Great Horned Owl
When the sun shines warmly, and autumn colors glow red and gold, everyone likes to get outside to enjoy it before winter sets in. Bernheim Forest takes advantage of this every year with ColorFest, and Raptor Rehabilitation of Kentucky brings a variety of raptors. This year the weather was absolutely perfect!
Miki the Missippi Kite
Miki, our Mississippi Kite, has grown his pale grey adult feathers, and looks so much different than he did last year this time. The only person today who knew what kind of bird he is came from Alabama where they are more common.

Miki spread his wings to absorb the warmth of the sun. Leaves blew to the ground all day, crunching underfoot. One leaf blew right in front of Miki who swiftly grabbed it with one foot, thinking it was an insect. You should have seen the look of surprise and disappointment on his face when he started eating it, only to find his snack to be dry and tasteless! 

Scarecrow Jubilee stars whimsical scarecrows built by many people and organizations. Click Here to see all of the entrants and the winners of the competition. This year I found several scarecrows related to birding, and this is my favorite.  Don't you think the birds get tired of being stared at by birders with binoculars? This giant raptor decided to take action, and carries this birder scarecrow away in his talons! I would have voted this one the winner.
Another group of scarecrow birders hide behind a fence of corn stalks, while the birds perch right under their eyes.

This owl scarecrow is pretty spooky, but I think our Great Horned Owl Hagatha is more intimidating, don't you?


Jen said...

What a great event to photograph! Love the close-up raptors!

Mary Howell Cromer said...

This would have been something I would love to have attended...sorry I did not know, but the images are very nice!