Saturday, December 10, 2011

When I Am Gone

This week a friend described as the Mother Teresa of her church lost her battle with cancer. As with any memorial service, I learned things I'd never known about her, but everyone agreed about this. I've often thought of her as the only person who qualified for sainthood in my life.  Ethel worked as an elementary school secretary, and taught Sunday School to children at church for many years. Dick helped her at church and became very close to her. When our children were young and I became frustrated, Ethel said that when children deserve your love the least is when they need it the most. She always put things back in perspective.
Dick, Mary Beth and the baby went to see her the Friday before she died, and were so glad they did. She got to hold the baby and smiled and laughed with all of them. Her daughter said that visits from friends kept her going.

I learned that Ethel wrote poetry, and the family handed out booklets of her works.  Here is the one they read at the service that had everyone reaching for a tissue.

When I Am Gone

When I am gone and you walk alone,
Know that I am near
To share those special moments
So do not shed a tear.

When you see a rainbow, a gay butterfly,
Or see a hummingbird flitting by,
When you walk through the falling
Of huge flakes of snow
Or hear rumbling thunder, then you will know
That I am close beside you
Smiling in delight.

Then turn and share this moment
With someone you hold dear
So smile with me and share my joy
And wipe away a tear.

Good-bye my friend. Keep an eye on us from heaven please.


Mary Beth- the daughter said...

left my copy at the house. please hold it for me.

Rhonda Guilliams said...

I met Ethel years ago on line doing genealogy for the Adams family. I would dearly love to be able to contact her daughter. Do you have an email address for her? thank you so much. I just found out Ethel had passed away, I am deeply saddened.