Friday, July 06, 2012

It's Too DARN HOT!!

Bee Balm
It's TOO DARN HOT! (Sounds like a good song title, doesn't it?) This 100+ degree weather is too much for me. Our Kentucky native flowers in the garden are tough though, and they are at the peak of their blooming season. We don't see many honey bees, but bee balm is aptly named. The bumblebees love it as they buzz from blossom to blossom.

Black-eyed Susan
I don't remember it getting so hot when I was a kid, but of course, back then, I didn't really care. No Internet or weather channel to tell me how hot it was, let alone the heat index of how hot it feels! I spent lots of time down over the side of the hill where we lived playing in the shade and catching poison ivy!

Grey-headed Coneflower
When I came home, we spent the evenings sitting on the driveway visiting with the other neighbors who didn't have air conditioning. No big deal, no one in our neighborhood had it. Mom used to make home-made orange sherbet in ice cube trays. YUM! I could walk to our town's swimming pool, and we didn't know about sun and skin cancer - we just had fun all afternoon, sitting on the concrete playing cards!

 I don't really have much to say while I wait for Toyota to finish the 60,000 checkup on my Prius, so I'll just share the beautiful flowers in our garden...

Rattlesnake Master
...Stay in the shade!

Purple Coneflower

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Mary Howell Cromer said...

Pretty posies Kathie!
Thank you for the invite, but today is Oldham County Day and I will take in festivities with family. That too shall be brief as just getting off of recuperating from outpatient surgery and an allergic reaction from meds used. Just keep reminding me.