Friday, August 03, 2012


Earlier this summer, I had the joy of finding a Hummingbird nest in our back yard. This was a momentous event, since Hummingbirds never came to our yard until the last part of July. When I looked for it again, I could not find it, of course.

We sat on the patio this evening enjoying the cooler temps, and saw a female hummer slowing flying into the tree above our heads. Could it be the same bird? Sure, why not. As she slowed, we saw her land at a nest and start to feed the two little babies in it!  This photo shows their little pointy beaks over the edge, while the one above shows two little stubs of tails.

After a quick trip to the nearby nectar feeder, she came back to feed them again.

How wonderful! Our guests finally saw the nest too, and one said it looked like a frog on the branch, which is actually a pretty good description.

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