Monday, February 11, 2013

Return to Merritt Island NWR

In 2006 we visited Merritt Island NWR for the first time, and became hooked on birding. It was like celebrating an anniversary to return there today, since we know so many more birds now. We first saw Northern Shovelers on that trip, and thought they had black heads. The field guide didn't have any black headed ducks. When they turned in the light, we found their heads to be dark green. We didn't know then to look at their enormous bills instead! These three males are NOT sitting on each other's shoulders, although it does look that way.
Apparently Blogger is having some issues - they are not uploading my photos in a timely fashion, and I'm getting rather frustrated. Grrr!  Anyway, I love all raptors, but Ospreys are about my favorite. See how he's carrying the fish so it faces forward? Very aerodynamic!

I have LOTS more photos, but am too tired to fool around with it. So here's a video of a Tri-color Heron fishing. The good photos are on Picasa at, so please give it a look! More later...

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