Saturday, April 05, 2014

Early Wildflowers

After spending the morning at Bernheim Forest with my grandson and son-in-law, I got home and turned right around to head out again. They have white trout lily in one particular spot there, and if you delay going, you will miss them altogether. 

 Then, of course, are the delicate white bloodroots. They pop up in the embrace of a leaf, and the delicate blossoms only last a day.
Rue anemone, swaying with each small breath of wind...
...and toothwort just starting to blossom.

There will be more of most of these species in the next few weeks, plus many others, but the first I see in the season are always extra special


Grampy said...

Very nice collection of early spring wildflowers.

Anonymous said...

a great place, a great day, great beauty and wonderful company

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos. Thank you for posting. Janet in Etown