Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Elusive Common Yellowthroat

Whoever named all the warblers has a big problem with yellow birds, because so many warblers have yellow. So there is the Yellow Warbler - which is all yellow, or the Yellow-throated Warbler - which has a yellow throat (duh!), or the Common Yellowthroat, which has not only a yellow throat but a yellow belly as well.
Common Yellowthroats are sly little birds, who sing loudly around meadow or marsh. Witch-ity, witch-ity, witch-ity. Very easy to identify, but not so easy to locate. They like to hide low in the grass, where it's safe, right? If you call them out, they might pop up for a second to take a peek at you, but they quickly drop back down into the grass.
Yes, this is usually the best shot I can get of the Common Yellowthroat on most days. It's hard to get focused around the grass, and when you do, they have already moved somewhere else. Sigh.
Leaves make a good alternate place to hide without being seen.
But this morning at Beckley Creek Park, not only were the Common Yellowthroats out in force, they actually stopped long enough several times for some of the best photos I've ever taken of any of them!
Yessir! Those hormones are flowing, and he can't take time to be shy. He has to sing and protect his territory! Never mind all those tall funny looking creatures looking up at him from the ground. There are more important things to do today!

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