Friday, December 04, 2015

Back in South Florida

Here we are, back where it all started, the first time share we bought into and haven't visited for many years. That's the good news. The bad news is that South Florida is receiving several months of rain in a few days. We watch the weather map and the hourly predictions closely, and sometimes they aren't correct either. I need to start carrying a kayak paddle when we go to the parking lot, the water is that deep. Dick says not to be discouraged even if it says 100% chance of rain for the day, and we have seen some cloudy but dry periods. Fall in Kentucky was just too busy for much blogging, so I'm glad to be here even if it does rain.

We sat by the pool this afternoon, eyeing the purple skies, when people started looking in the grass. Did you find a lizard? I innocently asked. Not just a lizard, but one of the big green iguanas that have invaded Florida from the exotic animal trade. They are invasive and have become a real problem, but look at the fantastic camouflage! Once it moved away from the tree trunk, it disappeared in the grass.
Lesser Black-backed Gull
Well, no rain yet, so let's walk along the beach.  Every time we come to the shore, I have to re-learn the differences between the birds we find- color, size, feet color and other markings make the difference for an ID. Even though, I'm not always sure I've made the right call. Nothing new there.

It's always good to see a group of birds on the beach. If I'm careful and can sneak up for some closer shots.
Royal Terns
The Royal Terns always go bald in the winter. The younger birds still beg for food, so we heard lots of chirping.
I have yet to see Skimmers feeding, although I am still hopeful. Maybe I'll get lucky this trip.
Sanderling and Black-bellied Plover
Many birds stand on one foot while resting. It surprised me when they started hopping around on one foot. Oh, the poor little things! But then they second foot touched the sand and they walked as usual.
Ring-billed Gull and Sanderling
Size comparisons are always fun... What? You say I've said all this before? Probably so, but it was years ago no doubt, and I didn't expect anyone to remember. I'm just glad to get out when it isn't raining!

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