Thursday, April 27, 2017

Not a Bird

When I think of the tropics, birds come first to mind, of course. But I expect to see  many other kinds of animals as well. People come to Costa Rica to see sloths and monkeys, for example. We didn't have too much luck finding exotic animals this trip. Perhaps they live in other parts of the country we didn't visit.
 We did see some nice butterflies... orange bee...
 ...and a Giant Schnauzer that loved chasing Glenn's laser pointer light.
 Not sure what kind of lizard this is, but it certainly blends in well with the rock wall where we found it sunbathing one morning.
 This basilisk was really impressive though. Must have been at least 2 feet long, with an impressive frill or sail all the way down its back.

Squirrels and this single white-nosed coati were the only mammals we found, other than the dog of course. We were starting to count cows and horses just to say we'd seen some mammals.
Walking across the yard at Rancho Naturalista, we found trails of bare dirt, 1 - 2 inches wide. Stand around for a while and you would find leaf cutter ants on their super highway. The cut the leaves from plants, then take them back to huge underground nests to feed them to the aphids they farm. It was just like National Geographic!

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