Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Parade

"Omigosh, Dick! Look in the backyard. There's a Mama Mallard and about 12 tiny ducklings walking across the yard!!" We followed them into the neighbor's yard. Those short duck legs can really go fast. "Keep together, children. There's safety in numbers." But when the parade went past a downspout, some of the ducklings couldn't figure out how to get over it. "Help Mama!" they peeped. She and all the others came back for the stragglers and she decided to go a different direction after all. By now, a crowd gathered as the neighbors out for a walk spotted all the commotion. "Mama, are we there yet?" It sounds the same no matter whose children are asking.


When we put in the stream, only 3 days ago, we hoped to get birds to come, but never dreamed the birds would be so large, or so soon!


swamp4me said...

That's hilarious! I loved the swim across your brand new stream.

MB said...

love it love it love it. So cool to have your own family of ducks.

dAwN said...

OMGoodness...that is so cool! Love the little video!

denapple said...

I took another video with everyone swimming for a longer time. Some of the ducklings got swept downstream and landed on top of each other. I was laughing so hard that the camera shook. No idea where they were coming from or where she wanted to take them.

KatDoc said...

Wonderful Easter parade!