Friday, April 17, 2009

The Pond of Eden

Grandpa, this pond is a pretty good place for us turtles, isn't it?

Yes, son, this is a wonderful place for us to live. The pond is small and the water gets warm. We have wonderful logs to climb on for sunning.

We have plenty of our favorite food to eat - plants, tadpoles, small fish and bugs. Little turtles like you should leave the Bullfrog tadpoles for your elders to eat though. Some of those wigglers are so big they might want to take a bite out of you! Heh, heh, heh. We have everything the Great Turtle intended for us to have. Yep, you could just about call this the Pond of Eden.

We don't have to climb up into big hollow trees like the raccoons. Imagine climbing that high, and finding some other critter in your house!

Just remember, your shell is your protection, but keep an eye out anyway. When human children come along, especially if they come close, be ready to slide into the water. Sometimes, they like to throw rocks and things at us. And above all, don't let them catch you to take you home as a pet. Shudder! Even the thought of it makes my shell crawl. Thank the Great Turtle every night that you live free.

And someday, when you have grand-turtles of your own, tell them about your old Grandpa, and your days at the Pond of Eden.

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KatDoc said...

Hooray for turtles! You gotta love 'em.

Nice story of turtle Eden.

See you soon,