Friday, January 22, 2010

Bernheim Eagle Watch

When we put in our creek in the backyard, the salesman said it wouldn't freeze because the current is too fast. The flat parts did not freeze, but the waterfalls at the top froze over, creating a cap of ice over the still flowing water. The snow is all melted now, but I couldn't resist this picture of the frozen falls lighted at night. What's that you say? Is that an owl sitting here? It's an owl all right, but unfortunately, it's a plastic owl. Looks pretty cool though, doesn't it?
In the winter, Bernheim Forest plays host to several Golden Eagles. Brainard Palmer-Ball, our #1 birding expert, led the Beckham Bird club to Bernheim's backside to watch for eagles last weekend. Bernheim puts roadkill deer back there for the birds and other animals. As we pulled in, we found a Golden Eagle and a Bald Eagle at the same time!
Brainard says these Goldens probably come down from Canada. I always associated them with the western states. We saw two Goldens and two Bald Eagles during our stay. Sometimes there have been as many as seven Golden Eagles. One came over the hilltop, took a look at those strange creatures down by the creek and headed in the other direction again.
It's not often that I can photograph two eagles in the air at once! The first weekend in February we plan to go to Eagle Weekend at Lake Monroe, near Bloomington, IN. Hope I get some closer photos then. This Red Tailed Hawk didn't watch in our direction. When nothing interesting showed up, he took off for more productive hunting grounds.


Mary Howell Cromer said...

What fun to have seen Goldens at our Bernheim...I never knew. I saw one last summer ending in Eastern Montana. It was amazing! Thanks for the great info. Best Wishes~

Kathiesbirds said...

I saw a golden down at Whitewater draw this January. I'm still looking for a Bald Eagle in this state! Have fun birding!