Sunday, February 07, 2010

Just a Little Snow....

For two weekends in a row, the big snow storms have bypassed Louisville and the Ohio Valley, thank Goodness! We had our share of bad weather in the ice storm of 2009, and I am quite content with the little snow we have - just enough to make it pretty, without piling up on the roads. This weekend the snow fell horizontally, and stuck to the windward sides of the trees. I remember an art project in my youth where we used black paper and white chalk to make a picture something like this.
I like this contrast - the snow and cold of winter on the dogwood buds ready to bloom in Spring.
White Throated Sparrow

The little winter birds appreciate my feeders, and I keep filling them despite the large numbers of Starlings chowing down. A fellow feeder at the store recommended a suet cake with red peppers in it, saying that the starlings don't like it. Yeah, sure... I don't think there is anything that Starlings won't eat!
American Tree Sparrow

Northern Cardinal

I have a coffee mug with that angry Bluebird on it, and always hope I can come up with a picture that I can make lots of money from. I'm afraid this Robin just looks resigned to the cold.
Mourning Doves and Cardinals share the seeds whether they are in the feeder or on the ground.
It's exciting to be the first to walk on pristine snow, pretending you are in the wilderness. Someday, I'd like to learn more about tracking, and winter is the perfect time for it. I think this is a raccoon - you can distinctly see it's five fingers. I kept hoping to see signs of owl wings in the snow, but no luck. Our backyard Great Horned Owls hooted and called almost all night recently. We wondered if they were celebrating an egg hatching. One of them stood clearly silhouetted in the top of a tree. But I have no guess at all for this one. Actually, I don't like being out in the snow for more than half an hour or so. Skiing doesn't appeal to me at all. I prefer to watch the snow through the window of a nice warm room. And I feel sorry for the little birds trying to stay warm. At least I can put on more blankets or snuggle up to a nice warm husband when I get cold!


Mary Howell Cromer said...

You have so many of the same friends to visit your yard as mine. Very sweet images, such fun to view the snow tracks too~

mary Beth said...

Hey mom,

we must have been thinking alike again this weekend. I have some "rare" snow tracks to share with you when i get them off my camera.