Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Golden Autumn Field

Go ahead, enjoy! It's dark by 7:45 now.

Gold is definitely the theme color for autumn. I never realized there were so many kinds of Goldenrod till I started trying to ID some of these.

Every time we spend time outdoors, I think I'm making a mistake with my indoor life. I have decided on a tentative retirement date, in a few months, and may go earlier if I can't stand the law firm that long. Not that I'm unhappy, just that there are better things for me to do with my time. When we were kids, it was an insult to be called a Know It All, but that's what I've always wanted to do, and I've waited too long to get started. When I'm with bird people, I want to know more about birds. When we see wasps and butterflies, I want to know them. Then we walk in the field with all the golden flowers. I can't wait to get started!!!

Now, when I do retire, I need a place that I can get to regularly, and watch the changes of the season. I keep thinking I need more land, then wonder how blind I am being to the land we have in the yard. I need to learn how to see, not just look. Can that be taught?

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Anonymous said...

good photos mom. Sounds like you are thinking a lot lately...