Saturday, September 20, 2008

Testing, Testing, 1,2,3

Ominous Skies

Ducks on a Rock

Small flowers growing in crack in rock

This weekend is the Fossil Festival at the Falls of the Ohio State Park, and highlight of the season for the volunteers. It rained at home when I got up, but only sprinkled on the fossil beds. We had wonderful crowds come to hike on the Outer Fossils beds across the river, as well as the Lower Beds on our side. While roving on the fossils beds, with a few trainee volunteers, I took photos whenever the opportunity presented itself.

The lower beds are usually covered by rushing water. When the river level goes down, the flat broad rocks are exposed. Everything is covered with a layer of silt, so our favorite activity is getting the children to scrub off the mud to see more of the fossils. Natural springs seep from the cliffs on the shore, feeding small puddles across the rocks. Children love to jump over the puddles, but when they miss and go splat into the dirty water, they think they've broken a leg! The ducks don't ever have this problem, of course. I like to watch the seedlings and small flowers that put root into this unforgiving environment. I know they won't last longer than a few weeks, until the river rises again, but these small plants persist.

Will it rain on the Ryder Cup, being played in Louisville this weekend? I certainly wouldn't bet against it, from the looks of this giant puffy cloud.

Double Crested Cormorants drying off.

More river birds taking their ease.

Goldenrod Leatherwing beetle.

I love this macro on the new camera!

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Kathiesbirds said...

Looks like the test is going well. Love the cormorants all lined up. Have fun with the new camera. Thanks for stoping by my blog.