Monday, September 22, 2008

Mighty Jungle Cat

I am a jungle cat, a mighty hunter. Able to leap 6 foot fences in a single bound. I don't have any front claws, but that doesn't stop or slow me down at all.

Just because I got hit by a car as a youth, my housekeeper thinks I shouldn't be allowed outside. Ha! She just doesn't understand my cunning nature. Anytime I want, I can streak out the door when they go out and they don't even see me . I've trained my housemate Pippin to tell them to open the door when I'm ready to come back in. He's too fat and lazy to want to come outside. They open the door for me, and I'll walk up and then walk away again, just to remind them who is in control around here.

When I'm on the porch, the chipmunks taunt me. My housekeeper says if I can catch them or scare the @#$% out of them so they move somewhere else, I can go out more often. If you were a chipmunk, you'd be petrified to see me outside your hole.

From the top of the fence, I keep an eye on the neighorhood. I growl and yowl when the neighbor's ginger cat comes by, to keep him in his place. I'm a lot bigger than I look, and not afraid of anything.

After patrolling the yard, I come in for my nap. Then I turn into my mild-mannered alter-ego, The Invisible Cat. I curl up on the couch or the top of the Cable box, close my eyes, and no one can see me, even if they are standing right next to me.

My name is Binx. Life is good.


KatDoc said...

Binx, you are a wonderful, brave, handsome and courageous cat. I am truly impressed by your abilities, especially as a blogger, since my cats cannot seem to find the time or energy to blog. Oh, I'm sure they could if they wanted to, but they just cannot be bothered.

By the way, I could not see you in that last photograph. You must be exceptionally talented when it comes to invisibility. Can you teleport, too? I used to be owned by a cat who could become invisible and who could also transport from one room to another without bothering to walk. It was amazing.

Continue to enjoy your outside time safely; your housekeeper would be lost without you. In a nod to an old TV show, "Just be careful out there."

~KatDoc, reminding you to keep getting your leukemia vaccines and using your monthly parasite control product

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.