Sunday, June 07, 2009

Hear the Frogs in Yonder Pond

Even the bird club doesn't always find different birds, or many of any sort, on an outing. Not to be discouraged, the resilient birders turn their efforts to other more numerous creatures. Since we walked past the frog pond at Creasey Mahan Nature Preserve just before dusk, we found more frogs than we could count. Green frogs in a pond covered in duck weed are a real photographic challenge!
In fact, they ought to rename this small water plant "frog weed," since the frogs find it the perfect cover. We heard one bullfrog, but it looks like most were green frogs instead. You can tell a green from from a bullfrog by the raised tympanum behind their eyes. I never noticed before how solemn all frogs look.
Listen to the song of the frog in yonder pond, krick, krick, krickety krick, Br-ump! Sounds a bit like a concert of rubber band players! The female Common Whitetail dragonfly does not have a white tail at all, which doesn't surprise us a bit.
You have to count fast to see how many spots this Twelve-spotted Skimmer has before he flits away.
Even the Red-eared Slider is covered with duck weed when he climbs out on a log for a little sunning before dark.
Great Spangled Fritillaries "frit" from flower to flower in the still, humid afternoon.
As we return to the parking lot, we overhear these Bluebird parents discussing who's turn it is to feed the children this time.
We have tried on three different occasions to find nearby Putney Pond, and got more specific directions from other club members. We actually found the correct driveway, but still did not see a path, so we will have to ask again, or better yet, get someone to show us!


Mary said...


You've been focusing on things that fly, too! There's so much to see in June. You made me laugh.

I love those dragonflies. I haven't seen them at my pond yet.

Great photos!


Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

Nice variety of pix Kathy. I especially like the Bluebirds by the red bird house.

dAwN said...

So you did get some good photos of the dragonflies..and other critters too..
nice duck weed covered turtle!