Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The One That Got Away....

Fishermen always tell tales about the big fish that got away. Binx has a tale about the big chipmunk that got away from him recently. After we returned from Missouri, Binx wasted no time darting out the door to explore the back yard after being stuck in the house for a week. He knows those pesky chipmunks are out there, digging holes in the flower beds, and generally making a nuisance of themselves.
Like a flash, he sped across the yard and came back with a chipmunk in his mouth. What will he do with it, I wondered. Could I find a cage and get the critter in it for release at a nature preserve somewhere? Would Binx actually (gulp!) kill the thing? He casually strolled across the yard, keeping just ahead of my ability to focus on his head. Reaching the driveway, in a very feline manner, he let the chipmunk go so he could play with it. But to his surprise, the prey escaped!
Pippin watched all this through the door, filled with admiration. "Here it is!" he said, "Hiding in these flowers." With a squeak of desperation, the chipmunk wasted no time in heading for another hole and safety from the cat. Binx, however, was unperturbed. "That will teach those rodents! Just because one got away once, they will all know that they can be caught, and the next one may not be so lucky!"

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NCmountainwoman said...

Think we could borrow Binx for a little while? He could have tons of fun chasing the blasted little critters around here.

Cute post and nice photos.