Friday, June 05, 2009

It's June, June, June

Omigosh! How did it get to be June already! Today we explored a new trail sponsored by Papa John, the pizza king here in Louisville, and decided we'll have to go back soon. When I tried to identify some of the wildflowers we found, I had to go to the Summer section of the wildflower field guides!
Ebony Jewelwing Damselfly
Remember that old song? "Let me tell you 'bout the birds, and the bees, and the flowers and the trees..." The Anchorage Trail winds among houses of the affluent, behind an orphanage, and along a creek leading into Willow Lake, which has no willow trees, by the way. But the trail leads to many birds, flowers, bees, and other insects.
Hackberry Butterfly
The birds and the bugs paid no attention to the economic status of their neighbors. I, however, was surprised to see soy beans planted in fields along the path.
Cedar Waxwing
Some of my favorite birds came close enough for good photos, and I thank them for starting my summer birding off right!
Baltimore Oriole
Gray Catbird
At Willow Lake, the fish were not jumping, but swam quietly in the shallow water. Yes, the water really is this clear.
As we approached the edge of the water, a loud splashing drew our attention, and we just glimpsed Mama Wood Duck as she herded her brood behind some bushes, to protect them from these humans. Most of the humans we saw on the path were gossiping with a co-walker, or just talking on cell phones. They would have been just as happy at the YMCA, rather than in the bright sunshine and the cooling breeze. Mama, I don't think you really have much to be concerned about when it comes to humans. They don't care. Geese know they have nothing to fear from people, and just took their time.
Dick likes to sample berries he finds in the wild, a practice I refrain from doing. "Is this a wild strawberry?" he asks? "Maybe so, or maybe it's one of those partridge berries. Squish it and see how soft it is," I advise. So he plucks the berry and puts it in his mouth. Some day he's likely to come home with a stomach ache from something like this. These blackberries will be nice and ripe before too long though. Yum!

Tomorrow I'm going on a field trip to collect and learn about dragonflies and damselflies. I visualize the damsel(fly) wearing a tall hat and flowing scarf, leaning out of a tower calling for some knight to rescue her from the dragon(fly). I know that's just being weird, but it makes me laugh, as I whirl in circles trying to find one of these creatures willing to land and be still for a few seconds while I take its picture! Wish me luck that I come home with lots of good photos and leave all the chiggers and ticks behind.


Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

Good luck tomorrow- especially regarding the ticks!

Love that ebony jewelwing.

Wren said...

a nice summer smorgasbord - the hackberry is particularly nice. The wings look like lace.

dAwN said...

Great summer assortment...I want some berries...
watch out for the ticks...I had lyme husband just took 21 days of antibiotics for his tick sickness.
we check thoroughly now.

I like your visualization of the damsel fly...I am picturing that now...tee hee